Who can join Swopatrade?

Anyone over the age of 18 willing to provide a service that they currently do for a living, or something they do as a hobby are all welcome at Swopatrade.

What type of services are on Swopatrade?

No profession, skill, or hobby is too small. Whether you choose to provide mortgage advice, accounting or cleaning it is up to you, but we’ll hold you to the same standards as we do anyone else. You can offer any service you want so long as members are happy with what they get, and you are good at what you do.

What are Swopatrade aims?

Our aims are to build a networking community of professional people willing to swop their service, skill or hobby with each other. Everyone needs a little help sometimes especially in the current economic climate. It’s a great way to make a saving and to help communities, individuals and companies alike to swop what they love doing with the same like-minded people. Swopatrade is a hub which brings everyone together to make this possible.

What should I put in my profile?

The more you put in your profile, the more you can build your reputation and get people interested in what you do and explain more about you and your service.

How to add a swop?

It couldn’t be easier, just click the add a swop tab, tell people what you can do and what service you need.

Can I upload a video?

Yes, you can upload video`s to your profile. Perhaps demonstrating your service or company which will help other users get to know more about you.

What services are in high-demand?

  • Personal trainers
  • Language tutors
  • Web developers
  • Legal advisors
  • Recruiters
  • Nutritionist
  • Cleaners